Crystal White Smile: Effective At-Home Teeth Whitening At Last!

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A whiter smile offers many advantages, but current whitening solutions leave a lot to be desired. Whitening strips leave behind a massive mess, and running to the local drugstore to buy more is a pain. They also fail to deliver the results you want more often than not. Professional dental whitening’s work well, but who has the time or money to go regularly?


Crystal White Smile solves all the issues above. Its whitening wands eliminate the mess associated with strips and use the same pH-optimized whitening gel as dentists, providing real results! Best of all, it’s affordable enough to have shipped directly to your door. You can’t beat the convenience of that!


Easy to Use and Travel-Friendly


Crystal White Smile is also easy to use. Every kit contains three whitening wands that look and function just like toothbrushes, allowing you to apply whitening gel directly to your teeth instead of the bathroom sink. Simply twist the bottom to get some of the gel out and you’re ready to go.


Whitening gel is at its most effective once activated, so the Crystal White Smile system includes a non-bulky mouthpiece equipped with the same LED lights dentists use. The mouthpiece comes with universal cords that easily plug into your cell phone or computer, ensuring an accessible charge without fussing over batteries. This makes the system incredibly easy to travel with!


It takes the gel 10 minutes to do its thing, so the next step is relaxing until the time is up. When it is, rinse your mouth out with some water. Unlike competing products, you don’t need to worry about any residue after an application of Crystal White Smile.

The included desensitizing pen isn’t strictly necessary, but the only reason to avoid it is if you like pain. It re-mineralizes your teeth to help protect them from everyday environmental hazards, ensuring that your teeth look and feel great.


The manufacturers of Crystal White Smile know how busy you are, so they designed the system with time constraints in mind. You only need to follow the protocol above three times per week to get your teeth up to eight shades whiter in just 30 days. A shade guide is even included to help you track your results!


The Reviews Are In!


Crystal White Smile has generated a buzz online, with many reputable websites sharing their experiences with the product. For instance, emphasized how quickly the product works in their recent review. Users often see noticeable results in as few as two applications, though the program should be continued for the recommended 30 days to see full results.


Likewise, one user reviewed the product on STEEMIT, a social site on the cutting edge of the latest trends. They explained all of the benefits of Crystal White Smile in detail, but the most important part of their review is the before and after pictures they included. It’s tough to argue with the results when they’re staring you in the face!


Finally, noted the product’s efficacy in their recent review. They also discussed the benefits of the manufacturer’s subscription program and strategies to ensure the best pricing per unit.


Start Whitening Today


If you want to start whitening with Crystal White Smile today, the two best places to purchase it are and the manufacturer’s official site, Each kit costs $69 for a one month supply, but your costs go down when you purchase two ($59 per unit) or three ($49) at a time. Needless to say, we recommend bulk orders whenever possible.


Eventually, you’ll need to replace the gel that came with your original purchase. Refills cost $39.95 per 30-day supply, but the manufacturer’s ReCharge-Powered Subscription Service allows you to get it delivered on your schedule for just $29.96 each. You can cancel at any time and adjust your order through a convenient online portal, so having gel automatically sent to you is the best way to go.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying one kit to see if it works for you before committing to a larger purchase either. Crystal White Smile will deliver the results you have been searching for regardless of how you try it!

Patriot Power Greens Review: Superfoods For Busy People

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Patriot Power Greens provides a quality source of superfoods. The supplement is a good choice for busy people looking to improve their overall health. It comes with up to 38 fruits and vegetables known for their superb nutritional composition. Users can take advantage of 10 probiotics and seven enzymes that play a key role in the digestive system. This combination allows users to augment their nutritional intake considering that many people are struggling to maintain a balanced diet due to busy lifestyles.


The powerful blend has the capacity to boost cognitive function by sharpening memory. The wide selection of vegetables included in the formula help improves digestion. Many users of Patriot Power Greens have discovered that the supplement can provide a viable way to regulate blood sugar.


The drink was formulated by Dr. Lane Sebring who is well known for his private practice located in Wimberley, Texas. It comes as no surprise that Patriot Power Greens review articles published on the internet highlight the product’s efficacy. The supplement has a berry flavor and does not contain any artificial sweeteners. Instead, the drink is sweetened using natural ingredients like acai juice, goji berries, and apples.


Busy professionals and seniors can leverage the benefits of this product to enjoy increased energy levels and mental focus. Dr. Sebring’s Patriot Power Greens has been shown to combat fatigue and alleviate problems associated with mental fog.


Why Everyone Needs to Incorporate Superfoods in their Diet


Superfoods provide a number of key health benefits. They are nutrient and antioxidant-rich in addition to containing disease-fighting compounds. However, despite their benefits, they cannot singularly cover the nutritional needs of an individual. Hence, it is recommended to consume them as part of a varied and balanced diet. It is also vital to complement diet with regular physical activity.


Eating a few superfoods without consuming the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables is not enough to stay healthy. For this reason, individuals can count on Patriot Power Greens, which contains a wide variety of superfoods. The product helps users consume a balanced diet


The supplement incorporates the following superfoods and more:


– Acai berries –  they come with amino acids and antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation, eliminate free radicals and lower the risk of heart attack.

– Goji berries — they can help treat a number of conditions, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Additionally, they promote kidney, eye and liver health.

– Kale — helps eliminate complexion-destroying free radicals thanks to nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin.

– Beets — contains antioxidants that can boost cognitive function and help reduce wrinkles.


Additional benefits of the Patriot Power Greens blend include fighting fatigue, promoting cellular growth, reduce joint pain, and promote weight-loss.


Easy to Make and Take


The supplement makes it easier to consume healthy foods even while on the go. You simply need to pack the product and drink during lunch breaks or at any other time or place. It is ready to drink, thus eliminating the need to worry about spending lengthy periods preparing food.


Made in the USA


Patriot Power Greens is a high-quality product manufactured in the United States to meet the dietary needs of consumers. The manufacturer donates some of the proceeds to Veterans. The product is available on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.

South Beach Skin Lab: Who Are They And Why Do Women Love Them?

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While there is no shortage of facial creams on the market today, South Beach Skin Lab commands a level of loyalty that other brands can only hope to emulate. The reason why is simple: Their products actually work. Where other companies work with plastic surgeons to create expensive goop that never works as advertised and often does more harm than good, South Beach Skin Lab sets itself apart by working with a leading skincare specialist to formulate every product. The result is a healthier, more youthful look regardless of age or skin type!


The secret lies in developing products that work with your body instead of against it to create a more appealing look. Here’s why you should try South Beach Skin Lab today.


Revolutionary Anti-Aging Products


Each product in the South Beach Skin Lab line is scientifically formulated to deliver incredible anti-aging results. Their Repair & Release Cream is suitable for general facial use across a variety of ages and skin types. It contains Argireline NP and Matrixyl 3000, peptides that help your face maintain its natural plumpness and elasticity. It also includes seven different moisturizers, such as Shea Butter, Aloe, Sunflower Oil, and Grape Seed Extract, to reinforce your natural moisture barrier. This shields you from environmental hazards, preventing many facial blemishes from forming at all.


This cream is intended for use in the morning and at night. Simply place a dime-sized portion of product on your face and neck when you get out of the shower.


Some areas have more specific needs than your overall face, such as the delicate under eye region. South Beach Skin Lab’s Eye Lift Serum is formulated specifically to moisturize and firm this often-problematic area. It contains delicate ingredients such as Haloxyl and Eyeliss to make it firmer and antioxidants such as Rosehip Oil and Witch Hazel to fight puffiness and inflammation. The result is a noticeable glow that will keep you looking your best!


Like the Repair & Release Cream, the Eye Lift Serum is intended for twice daily use after you wash your skin. Just apply a dime-sized amount and you’re well on your way to improving your appearance!


Finally, an olive oil cleanser ensures that your skin is clean enough to reap the benefits of the previous two products. Olive oil is a natural antioxidant containing many beneficial micro-nutrients, making it a great choice as an all-natural cleanser. Not only does it remove harmful toxins, it also leaves your skin feeling fresh and supple!


The cleanser is best applied in the shower. Lather up and rinse twice per day for best results.


Formulated by Miami’s Best Skincare Specialist


Each of the items above was designed by Dr. Ryan Shelton, a Board-certified skincare specialist with N.A.B.N.E certification. He studied Biochemistry at the University of Kansas before heading to the prestigious Bastyr University to earn his PhD. Once his education was complete, he founded the Whole Body Health Clinic for Women and established numerous outreach programs to assist at-risk youth. He also ran an in-demand private skincare practice before lending his expertise to South Beach Skin Lab.


Dr. Shelton has earned a reputation for blazing his own trail throughout his career, avoiding the associations with the cosmetic and plastic surgery industries that many of his peers have. He’s kind of a renegade as a result, willing to offer cheaper, viable solutions that other doctors do not.


Grab A Beach Bag Today


The best way to try these amazing products for yourself is to purchase a Full Beach Bag containing the Repair & Release Cream, Eye Lift Serum, and Olive Oil Cleanser as a package set. Each product is designed to be used with the others, so you’ll get the best possible results by blending them. You also save 25 percent on your purchase when you buy the set, so it’s a true win-win scenario! Visit for more information or to order your beach bag today!

Get Your Skin Ready For Spring With Cellogica

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Spring is just around the corner, and with the thoughts of Easter, green grass, and Spring flowers come the cultivation of new skin-care routines. Saying good-bye to the harsh winter drying conditions on skin is one of the best things about the changing seasons, and using Cellogica can help you put your best face forward this Spring. Cellogica’s premium-quality day and night cream help reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, crows feet, and dryness. Its MAC-5 complex, stem-cell extracts, and additional powerful ingredients work synergistically to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production, and with this comes softer and smoother skin, smaller pores, and reduced lines and wrinkles.


Stem Cell Technology


The Cellogica noninvasive skin-care product is one you can feel good about buying. It is vegan-friendly and does not use animal testing. Its success is attributed to the science of stem cell technology. The science backing this product is what sets it above other products on the market. Looking to the Swiss apple that does not shrivel or age, using PhytoCell Tech, this apple stem cell extract used in Cellogica applies the principle to human skin. The Alpine rose extract preserves the skin’s stem cell ability to thrive and protect itself from harsh environmental factors. Its high-quality ingredients include herbal extracts that are known for working their magic on the skin at a cellular level. As this is a noninvasive product with primary natural ingredients, there are no side effects. Cellogica is not only clinically proven but also is patented. When it comes to the nourishing of the skin’s cells, the primary ingredients included in Cellogica have been tested for years and have proven their worth.


MAC-5 Complex


Cellogica’s day and night cream is packed with powerful ingredients, antioxidants, and active nutrients. The ingredients work together to ensure that the skin is purged of free radicals. The result of integrating Cellogica into your skin-care regime means you will have healthier skin. Not only will your skin look and feel better, the imperfections associated with aging will be greatly diminished. As the product meets the skin, it works by penetrating the membranes as the MAC-5 complex containing SYN-COLL, SYN-AKE, RonaFlair LDP, kojic acid, and Hyaluronic Acid, work to hydrate, stimulate collagen production, reduce blotchiness and puffiness, fill in wrinkles, and even the skin tone.


Just as we change out our wardrobes with the changing of the seasons, so too should we re-examine the needs of our skin. Cellogica’s exclusive day and night cream uses a scientific approach to learn from nature. The Swiss apple, its anti-aging qualities, and the Alpine rose, with its ability to withstand the harshest of environmental factors, lends their strengths and resilience to the Cellogica product by means of powerful stem cell technology. The product’s complex combines five ingredients that synergize to result in younger and healthier-looking skin. These five intensive ingredients work at a cellular level to stimulate collagen production, affecting the skin’s hydration and ability to protect itself.  You will see a real difference in your skin quickly! So this Spring, consider adding Cellogica into your skin-care regime, and enjoy looking as young and fresh as the spirit of the season.


Cellogica can be purchased on the manufacture’s website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date with news, beauty trends, giveaways and more!

Nugenix: The Perfect Gift For Him

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Finding the perfect gift for the guy who seems to “have it all” can be tough. Why not get him something he may need, but doesn’t know he needs? If you’re struggling to figure out the perfect Christmas gift for your special guy, then Nugenix might be the perfect solution.


Why He Needs Nugenix


Men over the age of 30 or 35 start to have a decline, which could lead to a lowered sex drive, less erections and desire, a reduction in energy levels, and loss of progress in the gym, in addition to many other undesirable symptoms. While it’s normal for these things to decrease slightly as men age, that is no reason to settle for the side-effects that come with it.


Nugenix is a male health supplement. It is specially formulated to increase levels of free testosterone in the body, which can help counteract some of these effects of aging. It’s safe, effective and consists of zinc and B vitamins, in addition to a proprietary mixture of ingredients specially created to quickly boost free testosterone levels in 4-8 weeks.


What others are saying about Nugenix


Known as the # 1 male vitality product currently in GNC, Nugenix has many satisfied customers raving about how wonderful this product is. Here is what others are saying about this amazing product:


“I had almost given up hope before trying Nugenix, and I have already convinced several others to give this product a try.”


“Nugenix has revitalized my previously diminishing sex drive tremendously.”


“I just finished my first bottle and I’m definitely impressed with this product. I have already noticed improvements, as I have more energy and improved interest ‘in bedroom activities’. I will continue to take this product.”


These are just a few of the many positive reviews from customers whose lives have been changed by this wonderful product. Not only did it change the lives of the males taking the product, but it has also changed the lives of their partners as well, as there was an improvement in overall energy levels, sex drive and so much more. It has given men a boost, saved marriages that were suffering due to lack of sex, in addition to many other ailments related to lower free testosterone levels.


Give the Gift of Nugenix Today!


With the Holidays fast approaching, knock another item off of your list by buying your man Nugenix. You can get it for him today by visiting the manufacturer’s website. The man in your life will certainly thank you for your gift, once he starts to notice the positive effects it will have on both your lives.


There is no need to settle for a lackluster sex life or a man with a lack of drive and decreasing levels of energy.. By giving your man the gift of Nugenix, you can help turn around these problems and improve your own pleasure simultaneously, without the side-effects.