The History of Sneakers- Where Do They Come From?

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When it all started

At some point in our lives, most of us have worn a pair of sneakers. You know those comfortable shoes that some of us wish we could wear every day, no matter the occasion, but do you know where sneakers come from?

These comfortable shoes go back as late as the 18th century when people wore rubber sole shoes called plimsolls… The downside? The plimsolls did not have a right foot or left foot (so much for comfort).

The evolution

Luckily somewhere around 1892, the U. S Rubber company had the great idea to create a more comfortable design of the rubber sole sneaker with canvas tops known as Keds.

Keds started mass producing in 1917. A fun fact, these shoes got the nickname sneakers because they were so quiet that a person wearing them could sneak up on someone very easily.

It was also in 1917 that Marquis Converse produced the very first pair of shoes made for basketball (Converse All-Stars) which were later endorsed by basketball player Chuck Taylor.

The shoes were a big hit and were known as the Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

It was 1924 when a German national by the name of Adi Dassler produced the first Adidas sneakers. This new generation of athletic footwear became widely popular and more and more brands started to join the sneaker bandwagon market.

The sneakers of the first half of the 20th century were mostly worn to play sports, but it was the 1950’s when kids started to wear them and they became big fashion statements, even more so when iconic star James Dean wore a pair of sneakers during the filming of “Rebel Without a Cause”, which lead to a boom in the sneakers world.

Let’s fast forward to 1984 when world-famous basketball superstar Michael Jordan endorsed a Nike shoe that would be forever known as Air Jordans. They became the most wanted shoes on the market and became the most famous pair of sneakers ever made!

Everyday shoes

With the passing of time and with new technologies, more and more companies have developed and designed comfortable sneakers with and without laces.

Different designs and fashion colors are added every season. Lugz which is probably better known for their boots has a nice selection of fashionable sneakers like the Men’s Changeover II which is a classic design sneaker perfect for everyday wear.


Featuring a folded edge construction and jagger sole, the Changeover II, is comfortable, stylish, and offers wearers a nice looking sporty style pair of sneakers in a variety of colors that make these sports shoes easy to wear.
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  1. I would get the brigade hi black. I need a pair for myself. I think it would be amazing to when such a great pair of boots.

  2. I’d get the DRIFTER BALLISTIC in black, I need some new work boots, The Lugz I’ve had in the past ere always comfortable.

  3. I would love to try those changeover sneakers. Those are very stylish and I know they are just the thing that my brother has been wanting. And, best of all, he has a birthday coming up very soon!

  4. I would love a pair of the Regent Lo in the Minty colorway. These boots would be for my sister. She is constantly on her feet running after 5 kids and all their activities. She is always looking for comfort.

  5. I clicked on the link for Lugz’s site thinking I’d look for something for my son. But I was surprised at how much I like their women’s shoes and boots. I especially like the purple/ black/ white Clippers.

  6. I clicked the link to Lugz’s website thinking I’d look for something for my son. But I was surprised at how much I like their women’s shoes and boots. I especially like the Purple/ Black/ White Clipper slip ons.

  7. I would love to win for my wife….I think she would like the Tambora boots. Her old winter boots developed a rip on the side. This was discovered after stepping in a slush puddle and getting a wet foot. She was not happy.

  8. I’d love to have their Women’s Regent Lo in white. I’d get the giveaway sneakers for myself. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I would be interested in owning the quill hi women’s shoes in coral/white. Do not own anything similar at the moment. Plus I have a new puppy that has chewed up several pair of my shoes, so am needing new ones.

  10. I would love the Quill Hi in Mint/White!!! I would like them for myself. That is my favorite color and those boots would be so amazing to wear during the winter times. But, did I say I am obsessed with mint.

  11. I love DRIFTER ZEO HI, it looks so cool and would be great for me for work! I’m always looking for stylish shoes for work, and these would be perfect for that!

  12. I would like a pair of Changeover II sneakers. Commuting to a big city, I’m always on a hunt for a comfortable and stylish pair of sneakers.

  13. I would love a pair of the Changeover II sneaker. Commuting to a big city, I’m always in search of a pair of comfortable and stylish sneakers.

  14. I like the Women’s Empire Hi in Stone/Black. I’d get them for myself. I’m pretty picky about what I wear, so I don’t generally buy shoes or clothing for other people, unless I know a specific item they want, and am certain of their size. There are a lot of good-looking boots at Lugz, and the Changeover II looks like a comfy, sturdy shoe.

  15. I would love the WOMEN’S DRIFTER FLEECE LX in black. I would keep them for myself as they look like a cute yet stylish work shoe. I really love the crisp black color and they look comfortable too.

  16. IM loving the Theta in the sand and white! These would be for me I buy everyone everything I think its time to splurge on Momma!

  17. I like the Women’s Quill HI WR boot in coral white. What a great unique color for a boot! I would give the sneakers to my son. Thank you.

  18. The clipper sneakers (probably in purple) look super comfy. I honestly am not sure if I would keep these or give to my wife!

  19. I would get the MEN’S EMPIRE HI FLEECE WATER RESISTANT 6-INCH BOOT for my son. He mows grass and takes care of his grandmas place with weeding and such that she asks. They would be much better than the current tennis shoes he wears as these are waterproof and much better when he comes across that occasional snake!!

  20. I like the Empire Ladies Empire boot in black. My feet are always cold and this would be a cute way to stay warm.

  21. I would get these boots for myself! I dont have any boots at the moment and winter will be here before we know it! i would also love to try the Women’s Flirt Hi Zip 6-Inch Boot. These look so comfy.

  22. I would love to win these. WOMEN’S QUILL HI WATER RESISTANT 6-INCH BOOT. I love the fun colors of these. With them being water resistant, these would be great for Florida. We seem to have rain every day.

  23. Oh, I forgot to say who I would get these for. I would get them for myself! I also forgot to make my comment long enough. Man, I am really not firing on all cylinders. So the grey Seabrook Oxfords for myself, that would be my choice! Sorry about that.

  24. I really love the Women’s Regent Lo Oxford Sneaker in Blue. These would definitely be for me as I am in need for some new shoes! Thanks so very much for the chance!

  25. I would like to try the Women’s Clipper Oxford Sneaker for myself. If they are are comfortable as they look, I would probably have them in a few different colors. The boot styles are neither needed for my lifestyle nor suited for most of the weather in my area.

  26. I would like to try the Women’s Quill Hi Water Resistant 6-Inch Boot for myself. I love the colors that are available like the green and pink. It really lets you show your individual style instead of just the normal black, brown, or gray.

  27. My husband could use a really good pair of work boots. The “MEN’S DRIFTER LO-STEEL TOE OXFORD BOOT” would be perfect for him.

  28. I would love to try the Women’s Rucker Hi Fur 6″ boot. It looks like it is rugged enough to wear in the snow but stylish enough to go with just about anything. I always have trouble finding a boot that looks good and keeps your feet warm and dry. This boot looks like it would do that.

  29. I like the Mallard Boots….so cute and it’s just starting to be rainy season so they’d be perfect. These would be for my cousin. What a good gift they’d make!

  30. I would love to have a new pair of shoes!I have not bought shoes in over 3 yrs but i try my best not to wear my tennis shoes because i don’t want them to get all worn out! I know that’s the whole reason for shoes, but when your on a budget it’s kinda hard to just wear them everyday. But i hope to win these! What a blessing that would be!! Thanks for letting me enter! Good Luck to all! 🙂

  31. I would like to wear the Women’s Mantle Mid Chukka boots in Navy. They look very nice and comfortable. I mostly like the slip-resistant bottom sole for the winter time, great for safety.
    Thank you.

  32. I want to try the Men’s Brace Hi 6-Inch Boot – in RED! These look like great boots that could withstand wherever I walk, and whatever I may put them through. But mostly, they look like FUN!

  33. I would personally like to have the regent oxford sneaker for women. All of the walking and running around that I do at work on top of the heavy lifting, these look like a durable and comfortable shoe. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Lugs. Thanks so much for the opportunity

  34. I would get the WOMEN’S TAMBORA 6-INCH BOOT in Mushroom/ Black. I know shed love em hiking around with her friends. They are so stylish /chic.

  35. I would give these to my 11 year old grandson. He enjoys playing basketball and soccer and they even look very dressy for just going out.

  36. I would love to try the Mens Empire Hi Water Resistant Boot. These would be great for walking my dog on dewy mornings. They look great too!

  37. I really want to try the Men’s Drifter Lo Steel Toe Oxford Boot. I need to wear steel-toed shoes at work. These not only fit the requirement, but they look great too.

  38. I would get a pair of Men’s Drifter Mid Steel Toe Chukka Boot for my son. This steel toe boot would be perfect as he works in a warehouse.

  39. I would get the MEN’S EMPIRE WATER RESISTANT CHUKKA BOOT! I have to wear black boots for work and these would be sweet!

  40. I would like to try the Quill Hi Water Resistant 6 inch boot in lime green. I have chickens and during inclement weather, these would do the trick in keeping my feet dry and warm. They are cute to wear.

  41. I LOVE the Clipper Oxford shoe in Lily Pink White. For boots, cuz it’s getting cold, I like the Tambora 6-inch boots in gray. They have a nice variety for everyone in the family.

  42. I love the Clipper Oxford in the Lily Pink White Color. They are so cute for everyday. For the cool weather that is approaching I like the Tambora boot in black and gray! So many options.

  43. WOMEN’S DRIFTER FLEECE LX CHUKKA BOOT look sharp! I would use these at work since I have to walk wooded areas!

  44. I checked the boots section for women and I would love to get the WOMEN’S TAMBORA 6-INCH BOOTS for myself. I love the charcoal color version of these boots. They would work well for the climate I live in.

  45. Have always wanted a pair of the Men’s Empire Hi Water Resistant 6-Inch Boot! Not just for style, but for the woodshop. I need sturdy boots for working with equipment!

  46. I like the Women’s Tambora 6-Inch Boots for the upcoming weather. The shoes you are giving away, I would like for myself.

  47. these are perfect for my husband. he owns like 2 pairs of workboots and thats it for shoes..he is in desperate need. i love the seabrook oxford sneakers for myself.

  48. I also absolutely love the Women’s Convoy Fur 6 Inch Boot. I would get these for me. I have to park sort of far away from where I work. And in the winter and harsh weather, I need footwear that is going to do me some good and look good doing it!