WGCP (Whole Green Coffee Powder): Focus And Weight Loss Supplement

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WGCP, or Whole Green Coffee Powder, is a popular ingredient in a variety of supplements and is available in pure form. WGCP is known for its focus-enhancing and weight loss benefits, but what exactly is WGCP, where does it come from, and how does it work?

What is WGCP and Where Does it Come From?

Invented by physicians and supported by clinical studies, WGCP is the purest and most natural form of coffee. Whole Green Coffee Powder (WGCP) is the best-unroasted coffee bean product on the market.

Coffee beans are not brown they are green. They usually have a red skin (coffee cherry) that is usually removed before roasting. As for WGCP, the coffee beans are sun-dried not roasted. That preserves all the nutrients. The unroasted coffee beans undergo a patented process that converts them into powder.

How Does WGCP Work?

WGCP is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients. WGCP will boost your focus and concentration. It will help you to have sustained attention.

WGCP has caffeine. Therefore, it will boost your energy. However, you will not experience the jitters associated with coffee. That is because it has fiber, which controls the release of caffeine. Because of fiber, there will be a slow release of caffeine to your bloodstream, which in turn, will increase the duration of your energy boost and eliminate jitters.

The fiber-rich WGCP will suppress your appetite. Fiber usually makes one to feel fuller for longer. WGCP is a clinically proven appetite suppressant. Thus, it will aid in your weight loss.

WGCP also boosts endurance. It will make workouts to be more tolerable. It will also increase work concentration, mental focus, and increase your working memory. This will make you efficient. With a higher working memory, you will be able to complete tasks requiring extreme performance. WGCP will also increase information processing speed.

Lastly, WGCP will optimize the inner metabolic channels. It will increase energy release for over 6 hours. WGCP is a workout supplement. It is safe and effective. You can add it to your workout regimen.

Clinically Studied & Rave Reviews

Whole Green Coffee Powder has been subject to a number of clinical studies. A study carried out by the Cleveland Clinic, one of America’s top hospitals indicates that WGCP facilitates sustained attention, ability to stay on task, and it boosts focus and concentration. According to this study, WGCP will increase concentration and focus for 5-6 hours.

A study by the University of Tampa shows that WGCP releases caffeine over 6-8 hours. This means it will provide you with an energy boost without the crash or jitters associated with other caffeinated products. According to the University of Tampa study, WGCP has zero side effects. You can safely use it on a regular basis. However, if you have any medical condition you need to consult your doctor before using WGCP.

WGCP is a very popular topic in supplement circles. Almost every major supplement website has a review of this product including Supplement Scope and Morning Health News. The reviews are saying many good things about WGCP. Many of the positive reviews include the benefits of WGCP, the science behind it, how WGCP is made, and the products containing WGCP.

Where to Find WGCP

One of the key ingredients of IQGenex is WGCP. IQGenex is a natural focus booster. It supports enhanced brain performance and has been clinically proven to increase focus, attention, and memory. This product facilitates long-lasting endurance and does not cause spikes and crash.

WGCP is available in a pure form through Go Bean Products. Go Bean Focus is a product that will increase your overall cognition and attention levels.

So instead of reaching for that 3pm cup of coffee, reach for WGCP, packing much more overall health and wellness benefits than just a plain ole cup of coffee.



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