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I have this obsession with shoes and even more so when it comes to comfortable shoes…I have flat feet and as a result I have ended up with very painful and needless to say uncomfortable Plantar fasciitis which is the most common cause of heel pain. For those not familiar with this common foot problem, the plantar fascia is the flat band of tissue (ligament) on your foot that joins your heel bone to your toes.

It is also what supports the arch of your foot. If you strain your plantar fascia, you can find yourself with pain on your heel or the bottom of your heel whenever you stand or walk due to inflammation.

Since my feet are as flat as they can be, I have strained my plantar fascia and it can be really painful whenever I have to stand.

I found very quickly that some shoes aggravate this situation and therefore I tend to gravitate to comfortable shoes that offer some support.

This might sound rather off topic, but it really is not.

Do you know Emeril Lagasse? I am pretty sure you have heard of him and one of his signature phrases “Kick it up a notch”… I heard about him not long ago after I moved in the US, and quickly learned that he is much more than meets the eye.

While the very first thing that probably jumps to mind when you hear the Emeril Lagasse name are restaurants, food, and cooking, the truth is that Mr. Lagasse is a versatile entrepreneur.

Emeril Shoes

Keeping the restaurant business in mind but in a different aspect, Emeril Lagasse launched a line of comfortable shoes geared towards the restaurant labor force.


He has put together a rather short but appealing catalog that offers shoes with the must have qualities and features for a person working in the restaurant business.

His shoes are slip resistant, comfortable, water resistant, feature Agion® anti-microbial breathable lining, and …wait for it…. anti-fatigue comfort midsole ( kind of like those super neat anti fatigue mats), yes, personal anti fatigue mats inside your shoes.

Emeril Lagasse Read Canvas Comfortable Shoes

The shoes are available in a handful of designs and among my favorites are the canvas shoes which are available for both men and women and offered in a classic high top lace and a classic lace to toe casual oxford sneaker.

I love both styles and I admit that I am obsessed with canvas shoes this season and because there is no rule that says that even if I am not part of the restaurant business world, I can’t enjoy a pair of these super comfortable shoes.

A must have

Just between us, if you do not owned a pair of these, you are simply missing out. These have been my to go everyday shoe ever since I got my hands on them and they look and feel incredible.

Emeril Lagasse Comfortable Shoes

These were the pair of shoes I packed for my Ohio trip and with the exception of the day I went hiking, I wore them every day.

They have a white toe which can get a bit dirty, but nothing that can’t be fixed with the help of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

The truth is that I have put these shoes through a lot these last few weeks and they still look amazing, with the exception of a few dirty spots on the toes, they look spotless


The best part is that momma has been rocking her shoes with shorts, jeans, leggings and yes, dresses.

So versatility is a fact and there is no compromise between looks and comfort…Work shoes…Sure lets go with that!
The hard part?

Trying to pick between the high tops and oxford sneaker style!

Win it:
Emeril Lagasse footwear has kindly offered one lucky Jen’s Fun Finds the chance to win a free pair of the high tops canvas sneakers in choice of men or women.

To enter this giveaway, please use the Giveaway Tools form below:

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  1. Touch Control LED Makeup Mirror would be useful for the whole family! My make-up bag has make-up, tweezers, shower cap and toothbrush and toothpaste. Actually, I also stuff in trial sizes of face cleanser and moisturizer.

  2. I would like to try the 2-in1 Gel Base & Top Coat. I have two toiletries bags. One for liquids and one for non-liquids.Liquids include sanitizer, shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream and laundry soap. I’ll add suntan lotion, bug lotion and a tide stick as needed. It’s in a quart plastic bag for inspection.Non-liquids include hair brush, tooth brush, sewing kit, floss, razor, q-tips, soap and an antiperspirant/deoderant. I usually throw in a tiny flashlight and backpacker lock.It’s all in travel size. If I run out, I can get more.

  3. I would definately choose the WOMENS QUARTER. Very cute & looks comfortable. When looking for comfortable shoes, I’m also looking for style.

  4. I like the Royal style. Slip ons make for a great casual dress look. Prefer brown color to black. Like the water repellant feature.

  5. I think my son would like these shoes, as he is always looking for super comfy shoes as a medical assistant. The Quarter Mesh look like him. For me, I look for lots of wiggle room in the toe area! If the shoes don’t have that, they aren’t comfy to me.

  6. Three of my kids are in the restaurant business working as teens, these shoes look amazing!!!! My son has his eye on these for his next pair – MENS QUARTER.

  7. I like the REad ones. I work in healthcare, so we need comfy, non slip shoes. If they look cute, that definitely a plus!

  8. I love the Mens Read Canvas, but I also think the Mens Canal canvas are super cute. I know my son would really like these shoes. Thanks for introducing me to them! I have always loved anything Emeril!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. I like the Women’s Conti. They are super cute! These would look great with my favorite outfit. Thank you

  10. I really like the Read but another pair i like is the Mens Quarter Mesh I have severe flat feet having that heavy arch in a shoe makes you feel like your walking up a mountain

  11. I like the women’s Read. I also suffer from plantar fasciitis and have a high arch. Wearing high top sneakers or boots are about the only shoe I can wear and be relatively pain free.

  12. I like the Conti. Being that I danced as a child then was a sprinter, I have high arches so I look for a shoe that can support them

  13. i like the WOMEN QUARTER SLIP ON MESH shoes. i look for comfort and arch support as well as enough padding to prevent heel and arch pain

  14. I would love to try the Julia style. I have heel problems so I’m always looking for shoes with extra padding or memory foam. I like shoes I can dress up or down!

  15. Another pair of shoes I like are the WOMENS CANAL CANVAS. When I am looking to buy shoes, first and foremost, I always look for comfort because I have a lot of issues with my feet. Secondly, I look for shoes that are slip-resistant because I have a balance issue and quit simply either fall or slip when walking.

  16. I like the Canal Canvas. When shopping for shoes, I look for style, comfort, and budget friendly. I am a SAHM. I need shoes that make me feel good through my daily tasked. The Canal Canvas shoes look like they would be a great choice for me.

  17. I love the Quarter women’s shoes. The Conti women’s shoes would be great, too. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  18. I like the WOMEN CONTI sneaker. I look for a show that is wide. I have flat feet so having wide shoes helps me.

  19. I really like the men’s quarter mesh. When looking for shoes, I choose something that is breathable and cushioned for my feet. The foot beds play a big part when you are on concrete floors for extended periods.

  20. The READ look pretty fashionable. These all look like they are great shoes for work. Especially at jobs where one must be on his/her feet for a spell. Good work footwear can be hard to find in certain industries. Glad to see somebody is stepping up.

  21. I would like to have the MENS READ CANVAS shoes for my hubby, they look sturdy without being nerdy. When I personally shop for shoes I like a softer toe section that way the tips of my toes wont get cramped up EVER

  22. I like the Read canvas high tops. I have to have shoes that have memory foam on the inside. I broke my back in 2002 and have to have good shoes otherwise I am in severe pain.

  23. I think I would try the the Royal as you could wear them with dress pants. It is really important to find comfortable shoes especially if you are standing or walking a lot. I tend to pick comfort over fashion when it comes to shoes.

  24. I like the Women’s Royal. I definitely look for good arch support bc I am on my feet all day at work. The clunkier the shoe, the better bc mine wear out so quickly. Thanks

  25. I love the Women’s Quarter shoes. When I’m shopping for comfortable shoes, I want something durable and stylish. I don’t want them to look like something my grandmother would wear.

  26. I like the Quarter shoes. I look for slip resistant shoes because I’m always slipping and tripping on every kind of surface. In the winter I would add ice grips to the soles so I don’t slip on the snow and ice.

  27. I also like the Canal Canvas shoes. Generally I am more into low top shoes but these ones that you are offering are really cute. I try to look for comfort when shoe shopping

  28. I would like to try the women’s Quarter shoes. They look so comfy! And comfort is the main thing I look for in shoes.

  29. I would love to try the women’s Conti shoes. I look for comfort and style when shopping for shoes. I don’t care how good they look, I’m not going to wear them if they’re not comfortable.

  30. My favorite ones are the women’s Quarter shoes. I love that I can wear these out or to work. When shopping for shoes I look for comfort. I like shoes with memory foam in them.

  31. The Quarter looks very similar to Sketchers I have worn and loved in the past… I’d probably try that. I need shoes with good arch support that I can stand/ walk in for 8 hours at a go. My job keeps me on my feet so I live in sneakers with good cushion and good support.

  32. I love the simplicity of these shoes. The canal men’s sneaker is very nice and looks comfortable and can be worn with anything.

  33. I have wide feet and a high arch. It is sometimes hard to find a shoe that fits me well. I’m thinking the women’s Conti might be a good fit for me. Thanks.

  34. I look for memory foam when I am looking for comfort in my shoes. I would like the WOMEN CONTI. I also like the WOMEN JULIA.

  35. I really like the WOMENS CANAL. I look for the style and comfort when I am shopping for a good pair of shoes to work in.

  36. I like the West End shoes that are coming soon. I usually look for comfortable shoes that will last at least 1-2 years. I also focus on lighter shoes to reduce fatigue.

  37. I like the quarter mesh shoes for women. They are more stylish than the other ones on the site. When shopping for comfort I look for a good fit and also good arch support.

  38. I’d love to try the WOMENS QUARTER shoes! I look for comfort and style with my work shoes! Something that is going to hold up for a couple of years of me being on my feet for 8+ hours a day!

  39. I did not know Emeril had a line of shoes! This is so exciting he should know what it is like to stand on your feet all day! I would love the Julia flat.

  40. I would like to try the Men’s Royal pair of shoes. What is comfortable to me is a pair of shoes that do not pinch, are light weight and easy to put on. I like this pair because it is a slip on and looks good in black.

  41. When I shop for shoes I look for shoes that have a comfort innersole and a cool exterior. I also would like to try the quad mesh shoes. I also love these high top sneakers as they really look comfortable.