Bug Band DEET Free Products to Repel Mosquitoes, Flies, Gnats, No-see-Ums, Fleas and Ticks

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The best way to prevent Zika is to avoid mosquito bites

The first time I took my son to the Dominican Republic, he was about 6 months old and as soon as I got to the Las Americas International airport, I saw warnings and signs about Zika…I had no idea what it was and I have to admit I was a little freaked out when I learned what Zika was all about.

It was during this trip, that I learned that my son is very allergic to mosquito and bug bites, so after that trip in which no matter what I did and how much I tried to avoid it, he still got mosquito bites. So I guess you can say I have declared war against mosquitoes and now go out of my way to make sure my kids are mosquito bite free.

It is not just the whole Zika deal, but also the fact that whenever the baby gets bit by a mosquito, it gets infected and the poor thing has a real hard time.

Living is south Florida, mosquitoes are present and even more so during the summer time and I have tried several products to help me and my fight against mosquitoes.

BugBand offeres a wide selection of DEET free products to repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums, fleas and ticks like the BugBand portable diffuser.

The BugBand portable diffuser to prevent mosquito bites

Compact yet effective, this diffuser utilizes 3 AA batteries ( not included) …No cables, so it is very portable and can be brought with you to pretty much anywhere that it is needed.

I love the fact that this unit is very quiet and that it fills up the environment with an enjoyable Geraniol vapors and can protect up to 300 square feet.

The unit uses refillable cartridges that lasts up to 120 hours each. ( 3 included with the diffuser ) and this particular unit is very user friendly and can be operated with no hassles or fuzz and it even allows you to adjust the air flow which is great because the scent is pleasant but some people might find it overwhelming sometimes. I personally really like it and think you get used to it rather quickly.

My favorite feature is the portability and how easy it is to bring along if I am traveling or simply setting it on a table in the living room, on the patio or anywhere it is needed. It is also safe around children, food and pets…Certainly on my must have list for the next trip to the Dominican Republic.

For a more individualized protection, BugBand offers…Bug bands!

These plastic wrist bands are a good option for when you are outdoors and want to keep the pesky mosquitos under control.

The husband used these during our trip to Ohio. They worked really well for him and was able to survive the hiking trip without any bites. They do not r ecommend these on babies, so I did not try them on the little one and could not really use them on my daughter because while the bands are adjustable, they were still too big for her.

But other than that we really liked them and liked the fact that they come in olive green, blue, yellow, red, pink, black, orange, purple, and yes, even glow-in-the-dark .

They come in a 4 count family pack and each band is meant to work for up to 120 hours. They come is a small pod, that can be resealed so you can place your wristband there to help preserve the scent that is what repels the bugs… If for whatever reason, you loose pod, you can always use a small Ziploc bag instead.

For extra safety, the BugBands wristbands are specially designed with a patented break-away strap that snaps if it becomes entangled and it can be worn, on strollers, backpacks, belt loops…etc.

So now you know, the next time you need a mosquito free zone, take a look at the BugBand catalog for their complete selection.

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