Ciao Portable High Chair for Families on the Go


What would you say is the most difficult time when you are out and about with a little one that has already started on solids? I think feeding time.

Finding a way to feed your little guy can be quite challenging and I know there are many different high chairs, but I have never quite found one that really worked for us when we were on the go.

We often spend time at the soccer fields and sometimes like to go to the pool and BBQ, and while there are chairs and tables, it is kind of a balancing act when you have a little one to feed.

Ciao is a hybrid between a high chair and a foldable chair.

Ciao High Chair

A few weeks ago we had a pool party and we used this foldable highchair made by Ciao and I have to be honest, I was not quite sure what to expect.

The Ciao chair is actually a combination of a foldable chair like the ones you would take camping or to a soccer game like we often do to my daughter’s game, but this chair also doubles as a highchair as it has a feeding chair/table built in to it.

Clever design and easy to setup

I was surprised at how easy it is to setup  the chair… All you need to do is open it as regular foldable chair, and slip your little one in and strap him in…You are all set.

The feeding tray which is not solid, but made of the same materials as the chair and covered with plastic to make cleaning easier, does slant a little toward her body because of the weight of the child, but we were still able to use the chair.

Ciao portable high chair

What I really like about this high chair, is that I can feed my little guy when we are outside the home, or I can simply let him sit there and enjoy himself which is not possible with a regular folding chair.

Lightweight and easy to carry

The Ciao high chair, is really lightweight ( about 6 pounds I believe). And folds really compact, so it is not only easy to bring with you, it is also easy to store and a great thing to have at grandma’s house.

We live in Florida and it is sunny most of the time here…Ciao has the option to attach a small umbrella to the highchair.


The umbrella is a bit small, but it does help to protect your little one from the sun and weather, which is nice. The compact size of the umbrella allows me to keep it in the same carrying bag that the highchair comes with.

I would use this as an extra layer of protection but would not fully depend on it to protect my baby from the sun as it is in fact a bit small.

The chair seems to be durable, but we do not use it on a daily basis. It appears that the material and craftsmanship is sturdy and should last a good amount of time.

Overall a good addition but i wish they can figure  out a way to fix the tray issue.

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