The Right Computer Bag For Dads on the Go


The husband is a computer engineer working in the phone field and he is constantly dragging lots of things around whenever he is going to visit a client. There is his laptop of course, but that is just the tip of the iceberg as he usually carries phones, tools and other pieces of equipment …So as a result he needs a good bag to carry all he needs with him and he has a preference for backpacks, so for father’s day , I wanted to find a good computer bag for him.

The right bag for the job

While there are many computer bags out there, finding THE computer bag that worked for the husband took some researching as there where many features I was hoping to find.

The right computer bag had to be lightweight

Because he is always carrying all kinds of stuff that can make the bag a lot heavier, he needs a lightweight computer bag that is also of good quality to withstand heavy use and sometimes abuse the husband puts his bags through.

The right computer bag had to have lots of storage space

Because the husband needs to be able to get all his tools organized and have easy access to them, having different pockets for the tools and instruments was a must, not only to keep him organized, but also to help him save time by easily reaching all he needs at any given time.

The right computer bag had to look nice

Because image is important when you go to visit a client, the husband’s computer bag had to look nice as it would be part of his attire in a way… While it was not easy, I managed to find a great looking computer bag that had all of these features and then some.

He loved his Lexington computer backpack from Solo New York.


This computer bag is Inspired by New York’s Exclusive Neighborhood and features a sleek style with a fully padded 15.6″ laptop compartment with lockable zippers along with an internal iPad/ tablet pocket. It also has front zippered pockets with organizer sections and key clip that is very handy, a discrete business lining, 2 zippered pockets on each side, a very welcomed padded back and back straps for added comfort.

Last but not least, it has one of my favorite features: the back panel slides over luggage handle which is great as often he need to bring a wheeled bag with him for extra equipment and also for when we travel!

The  Lexington computer backpack from Solo New York was exactly what I needed for the husband’s father day present. With a sale tag of $99.99, you can’t go wrong with this trendy and handy computer bag!

Win it:
Solo want to help you to surprise dad with his own Lexington computer bag and has kindly offered one lucky Jen’s Fun Finds reader, the chance to win one!

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  1. I also like the Hudson Leather Messenger in brown leather. I like the large opening of a messenger bag style for easy removal of my laptop, and I prefer a bag with lots of smaller pockets for all my odds and ends.

  2. I would definately choose the Jay leather tote. I love the style and it’s roomy. As far as a computer bag, I always look for quality and sturdiness.

  3. I would also like the Sullivan Briefcase Messenger (EXE136) bag. I look for a bag that protects the computer with plenty of padding. However, I don’t want a heavy bag

  4. I need a good, serious briefcase, something that will command attention. The SOLO Leather Laptop Portfolio looks very impressive, very business oriented! It’s a bit expensive but quality matters.

  5. I also love the East Hampton backpack. I look for a backpack that is strong enough to support my laptop and also a few books. Something that is comfortable if I want to wear it on my back. Most important is the quality, that it’s well made and will last.

  6. When looking for a new laptop I look for comfort. I carry my laptop around a lot for work so I like for the straps to be comfortable. I would also like to try out the jay leather tote.

  7. The Thompson Briefcase would be very handy for our recent graduate. He has indicated that others have been carrying briefcases to interviews and it looks professional. This site has many nice options for a variety of very helpful backpacks/bags.

  8. I also like the Trailblaze Backpack. Their bags are very classy. We look for bags that have plenty of room for other things.

  9. I like the Bridgehampton Ladies Backpack. The fact that it is designed with a woman in mind is delightful. It has a softer look about it and the fit looks to be more comfortable for a woman. I look for comfort and ease of use in a computer bag.

  10. I’d like to try the supreme messenger bag. What I look for in a computer bag is durability, style, and extra compartments. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. I would love to try the trailblaze backpack. Not only do I love the pattern on the bag. But the functionality adds to it!

  12. I like the Sullivan Briefcase Messenger (EXE136). I like the design of it. It looks like it will work for my needs.

  13. I also like the Sullivan Briefcase Messenger. I look for a computer bag to be spacious and sturdy. I like one that is compact and easy to travel with also.

  14. This would be perfect for Hubz! I’d also love the Bridgehampton Ladies Backpack for me. Decent padding and well-fitting compartments are a must for carrying electronics. These backpacks also make it easy to carry hands free when traveling.

  15. I also like the Everyday Max Backpack. I look for a computer bag that is really sturdy and has a lot of pockets.

  16. Solo’s Hybrid pack looks handy – sometimes it’s easier to carry a case, sometimes easier to have a backpack. I carry a lot more than just my computer – there’s the charger for the laptop, backup battery and charger for my phone, 2 – 3 bottles of water, fruit, file folders, and other supplies. That’s a lot of weight, so my bag needs to be well stitched.

  17. i look for something that will tote all my things Stealth Backpack seems like it will protect what i need protected just in case i dropp it and Fully padded 15.6″ laptop compartment is a nice feature i like accidents always happen i know

  18. I have seen these bags advertised in a few different places and every time I see them I think what a perfect bag for me as I am always rushing off to work on a plane to a new city or town.

  19. The SOLO Leather Laptop Messenger is snazzy. Hard to tell if computer bag is rt, unless ur hands on.

  20. A good computer bag will protect my computer, of course, but I really appreciate when there’s room for a lot of other stuff other than the computer. It’s why I usually use a laptop sleeve along with a roomier, sturdier backpack, but this looks like the kind of bag I would absolutely use! Thanks for the opporunity 🙂

  21. I like the crosby backpack because it looks old fashioned and has lots of pockets. Thanks for the chance.

  22. Urban 15.6″ Hybrid Briefcase (UBN310)-Urban New Grey is a bag I am interested in. I am looking for something stylish and professional looking of good quality for my daughter at college. I look for something that will hold her large pc also.

  23. I like the Eclipse Backpack. The look is something I go for certainly. I also need to have the compartments make sense to what I need to store in them and ability to hold up/be comfortable.

  24. I like your urban backpacks. They seem lightweigjt and stylish. I would enjoy carrying it to school and on outings.

  25. I love the Hudson Leather Laptop Messenger for my husband! When looking for a computer bag I always look for one that is easy to clean and stylish. Also, one that can withstand me being so rough on with it!

  26. I really like the Lexington Backpack it has a lot of room I look for something that has a lot of space in it but also small enough so I can carry it on short trips and I need to pack just a few things for where I am going but yet have everything I need to be well organized

  27. SOLO Leather Laptop Messenger

    I go for the leather messenger bag style. I travel a lot and backpack style is not the most convenient

  28. I would really like the Black Crosby Backpack. I always look for durability and style that suits my taste so long as they appear thick, but never long.

  29. I like the Hudson leather messenger. I wish that the messeger was in some different color but it is still good looking all the same. The thing I look for in a computer bag is padding. Sufficient padding is essential because I don’t want my laptop to be broke no way no how!

  30. The Everyday Max Backpack. Lots of compartments for all my gadgets on the go: I use gadgets from portable batteries, laptop, camera, 3DS, external hard drives, cables etc. It must also have a lot of support for my back. It must look sleek for work purposes and travel friendly since I’m a recent graduate in need of one.

  31. I really like the Trailblaze Backpack. When looking for computer bags, I also look for lots of storage, but I particularly look for a backpack that I can also transport my iPad in as well as a few notebooks, pens, and my planner. I’m a bit of an organizational freak!

  32. First of all I need a computer bag to spread the weight out well on my back. If I have to wear it for long periods in an airport or on public transit, it can’t make me sore. Padding for the computer is second most important. I keep my machines for years if possible. I want to protect them

  33. I would like to have their Urban 15.6″ Hybrid Briefcase (UBN310)-Urban New Grey.

    This is a really nice computer backpack. Has what I am looking for and that is several storage compartments, durable and long lasting

  34. I am crazy about the Macdougal Rolling Case. It looks great and has wheels! I like a computer bag that can hold more than just a laptop.

  35. I would like to own the Eclipse Backpack. I love how sleek and stylish it looks. When looking for a backpack I need space for not only my laptop but also my lunch and paperwork, this bag looks perfect!

  36. If I could choose a bag to try out it would be Crosby Backpack (EXE735) in black. When I get a backpack I like a lot of pockets and space. On the other hand I don’t want something super bulky or something that is going to be hard to carry. I like a backpack that disperses weight evenly so it doesn’t mess with my back or shoulders.

  37. I would like to try out the Surge 15.6″ Backpack (ACV750). The overall style fits me like I designed it myself for myself. I look for a bag that has plenty of room to carry my laptop and all of the accessories that I have. It also needs to be spacious enough to carry several files and specification books. Most of all it has to have room for some snacks. You never know when you might want a snack when you are on the go all day.

  38. I also love the Solo Rolling Laptop Catalog Case. I always look for how durable it will be and how it will hold other things I need for work!

  39. I look for pockets and durability. Good shoulder straps. Quality of stitching and bottom,I look for pockets and durability. I also Need it to spread the weitght evenly. I like their eclipse back pack!

  40. I like a bag big enough to fit accessories, but light enough to transport anywhere. I like the Eclipse backpack.

  41. I’d like the Jay Leather Tote! The color is beautiful! It looks like it will stand the test of time! Looks well made and classy!

  42. I would LOVE to try the Brooklyn Backpack! When I’m looking for a Computer Bag, I make sure that it has great quality and a great price! 🙂

  43. i’d like to try the frequency briefcase. i look for lightweight with lots of pockets. and of course good prie

  44. SOLO Leather Laptop Messenger is sharp! I like a sharp stylish bag that looks professional to my clients!

  45. I like the Impulse Duffle the best. I like that it’s roomy and it isn’t a girly bag so that my husband can carry it also.

  46. I also like the Midnight Backpack from Solo. I like that it has a fully padded mesh 15.6″ laptop pocket and is cute with it’s New York skyline at night print.

    • I love the midnight backpack also. I travel a lot for personal reasons and this would be great for the family and me. They look like quality bags at affordable prices.

  47. I like the Crosby and the Stealth. The pockets are great and very accessible. The Pop is fun too with the bright red color.

  48. I like the East Hampton back pack. It looks firm and very good quality. I travel so when I look for a computer bag I need something that can withstand the airport staff mishandling of bags!

  49. I would like to try out the Sullivan Briefcase Messenger Bag. I love the mix of fabrics and the stitching lines, very sleek. When looking for a computer bag, I love pockets!! I must carry it all with me.

  50. I thought the endeavor and the venture briefcase bag looked very nice also. This computer bag looks quite large and hefty.

  51. I love the Hudson Leather Messenger bag. It’s just my style and love that it’s leather.
    It’s very professional looking.

  52. I love the Trailblaze backpack. I look for style and durability. I have to be ready to pack up and work from home… I have to have a computer bag that is easy to maneuver and can go at my pace. And it has to look cute doing so.

  53. The color of the SOLO Classic Espresso Colombian Leather Rolling Case really stands out. It looks more expensive than it is.

  54. I like the trailblazer backpack because it has what looks to be flannel in it. If it is flannel then it will go well with my shirts because that’s what I generally wear. It also has a nice padded area for my laptop and a lot of other zippered areas for all the crap I seem to collect along my journeys.

  55. I would love to try the Velocity Universal Tablet Case (UNL2022). My tablet has no case and it has a few scratches..In a computer bag I look for one that is roomy with lots of space for accessories and my papers.

  56. I also like the work to play backpack. It looks very versatyle and sleek. I like that it is flat looking.

  57. I like the Trailblaze Backpack for the tweed look. I look for a lightweight bag that is easily cleaned and sturdy.

  58. I need a new black tote bag and I like the design of Madison tote. I look for comfort and space in computer bag.

  59. There are quite a few i really love. One of them is the SOLO Leather Laptop Bucket Tote Thanks for such an amazing giveaway

  60. I like the Macdougal Rolling Case. I look for something that is sturdy and lightweight. I want something durable.

  61. I like the Endeavor backpack. I look for something neutral, spacious, and structured. I want it to look professional despite being a backpack.

  62. I also would love to try the Crosby Backpack. I look for a computer bag that is light and durable 🙂
    Thank You for the chance!

  63. We like the Covert Messenger (PRO500): especially like the Interior organizer section
    RFID DATA PROTECTION POCKET feature: helps secure personal data encoded on your credit cards, IDs and passports.

    Speaking from experience i.e. damaging/destroying a laptop or two while traveling over the years, a good computer bag should have excellent protection / padding !

  64. I like to look at the pockets and the zippers. I think it’s important to see if it something that will be durable and hold up to my rugged outdoor lifestyle. I like functionality anifferent times. ability to fit different needs at d