The Jabra Move has All you Need in Headphones with a lightweight, Sleek Design, Wireless/ Cable Capability and Great Sound Delivery.

Fashionable, lightweight and wireless, the Jabra  Move  offers superior quality in an over the ear style headphone. Because sometimes a traditional design works better than an earbud design in specific scenarios and lifestyles. The Jabra Move  Bluetooth headphones features a crisp modern European design that can be easily integrated in to your routine.

The Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones are versatile and designed to work with any Bluetooth enabled device giving you the freedom to easily switch between devices without any hassles. These wireless headphones are well constructed and sturdy and most of all comfortable.

The sound is crisp and clear, while the sound blocking is nice when on the move and one of the big selling points for me is actually the way the ear pads are. They are not as big as other headphones I have tried in the past which might be the reason why they fit so nicely. The ear pads fit is one of the issues I usually encounter with this style headphones, so I was really pleased to find how the Move fit.

I enjoy different music styles and these Bluetooth headphones do an excellent job delivering clear sound in all the different styles I have tried the headphones with. The brand added different features to make the user’s experience even better, including the ability to double as a Bluetooth headset.

One of my favorite features?

The Move has a convenient button located on the side, close to the volume buttons that allows you answer calls without taking the phone out of your handbag or pocket. It also allows you to pause the music should you need.

Another of my favorite features, is the ability of the headphones to use wires which is really handy if you happen to run out of battery, even though the battery life is about 8 hours of usage and 12 days in standby. This feature is particularly convenient if you travel by plane often and enjoy bringing a nice set of headphones with you.

The charging period is about 2 hours via micro usb cable so keep that in mind…If you use your headphones quite often, I would recommend to place them on the charger when you are done with them for the day. That way they are charged and ready to go the next time you need them.

The headphones are easy to use, but there is a bit of a learning curve…To turn the volume up, just press volume up, and use the same volume up button to switch to the next track. The brand has a small nub right on the middle of the switch which allows you to know that you are pressing the volume button without the need to take the headphones off to look at it.

The Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth headphones are available in 3 three trendy colors: Cayenne (Red), Cobalt (Blue), and Coal (Black). The Move has a retail price of $99.99.

Win it:

Jabra has kindly offered one lucky Jen’s Fun Finds reader, the chance to win a free Move Wireless Bluetooth headphones!

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  1. The small profile Jabra Elite Sport ear buds are interesting. I’d be interested in how well they stay in during a run or workout. When choosing headphones my criteria depends on whether I’m using them for travel (in which case they need to block outside noise well) or for house use for the family and me (in which case, sound and comfort are the priority).

  2. I actually prefer over-the-ear headphones (as opposed to earplug styles.) The most important thing to me is clarity of audio followed by comfort. I noticed their Solemate Speakers, too. Those are nice looking.

  3. I would love to try the Jabra Sport Pace. I look for headphones that are easy to use and have good sound quality.

  4. I really like their Jabra Freeway Speaker. They claim it is the most advanced in-car speakerphone on the market. I sounds wonderful and exactly what I need for my automobile,

  5. I like the Jabra Sport Pulse. I like small in your ear headphones for running and if they are wireless, that is even better.

  6. I would like to get Jabra’s Jabra Halo Free earbuds. When I buy headphones, I look for comfortable ear cushions and good quality sound. They also need to be fairly light.

  7. I would like a Bluetooth headset as I am often working outdoors and don’t want to disturb the neighbors. This would be ideal for sunbathing at my local pool in our community.

  8. My kids could use the jabra Move Wireless Headphones. They would be convenient when we’re in the car.

  9. My favorite ones are the Jabra Sport Pace. When buying headphones I look for ones that will stay in my ears.

  10. I liked the Jabra Move wireless Black – The Sound quality and fit are the most important things to me. I constantly have problems with finding great sound but terrible fit.

  11. I would like to try the Jabra Elite Sport. These would be nice to use while running since they aren’t bulky, and would be nicer to wear while sweating.

  12. I like the Jabra sport pulse because I run a lot in these monitor your heart rate also. They look like they would be very comfortable and they are wireless also. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  13. I like the Jabra Vega. I like noise canceling, comfortable pads and good sound. They aren’t wireless, but that’s not a big deal for me.

  14. I look for headphones that are easy to use and have good sound quality.Comfort and sound small easy to store. Jabra elite sport bluetooth small perfect

  15. The Jabra Speak 810 looks interesting.

    I look for sound quality above all when looking for headphones (though price is also a factor – unfortunately).

  16. Comfort is key to me, and I like being able to hear the bass. Too many headphones fail that test for me. I’m interested in the Vega, with the noise-cancelling features.

  17. I would like to try the Jabra Drive product. This seems easy to use and install in the car. I hope I can get this for a good mothers day gift! Thanks for this contest.

  18. I like the Jabra Elite Sport headphones. The reason I like them is because they are wireless making it comfortable to use anywhere.

  19. I love that you can take a phone call without having to take the headphones off and fuss with them. I like the Jabra Sport Pace that secure around the ear so they won’t fall off. These are perfect for the gym, running and biking.

  20. I’d like to try the Jabra Vega. The ‘eavesdrop function” is a nice idea and I be interested to hear how well the bass comes through. I listen to a wide variety of music and it would be fun to see how they perform.

  21. I’d love the Jabra Tour! And for headphones, I look for something with good sound and also that’s very comfortable! And also that keeps out other sounds!

  22. I would love to try the Jabra Evolve. I feel the quality of the sound will be great. Thank you for the opportunity!

  23. I would absolutely love to try the Jabra Sport Coach Earbuds! They have so many awesome headphones/earbuds! The features I look for are mainly COMFORT!!! I have had many pair of earbuds and headphones, but if they hurt my ears, there is no point in using them!

  24. I like the Jabra Sport Pace headphones. I would use them while jogging, bicycling and hiking. And because I usually work up a good sweat, I like them water/sweat resistant.

  25. I like the Soulmate Max. That would be great for parties. The headphones are awesome you’re giving away because they have high quality, not a tinny pitch. That is what I look for most with headphones.

  26. I would like to try out the Jabra Elite Sport headphones. I like the the 9 hour long battery life and the high quality sound.

  27. The mu st exhibit quality music or audio replay, be light weight and wireless with adaptability to many devices..

  28. I like the Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Sport Earbuds, the most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds. My headphones have to fit and feel good.

  29. I would like to try Jabra sports Rox. How they fit is the first thing I look for? do they fall out when running is the second thing? Lastly is sound quality.

  30. When Im shopping for earphones, I prefer the over the ear type. They must be easy to wear and not pinch my ears. Price is always a factor, but Im willing to pay a little more for quality!

  31. I also love the Jabra Tour. The features that I look on a pair of headphones are good sound, wireless, noise cancellation and enhanced bass
    Thank You for the chance!

  32. I like the Jabra Evolve. The fact that they noise cancel makes them great for times you really need to concentrate.The cushions look really plush and that is important for my ear comfort.

  33. The Jabra 710 speakerphone looks really cool! Sometimes I just want to turn the music up, but my phone is tinny and not good sound quality…this would be awesome! In headphones? I guess comfort is above and beyond all else, because sore ears are not fun!

  34. We like the Jabra Tour ! I like headphones that can be used wirelessly, but have the option of a wire when you do not have time to charge them. Also, the comfort factor is a big consideration.

  35. I really love the men’s boots n I wud love the headphones n umbrella both so i hope that something good will happen for me instead of always getting nowhere n nothing how in am rite now WOW